April 2011
un mariage de reve à paris
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Dear Friends,

First I would like to say thank you to all who have been using the Paris Major Limousines services, without your fidelity I won't be here today so happy to pass on these informations for your stay in Europe and specially in Paris in 2011.

2010 has seen the opening of the Royal Monceau Rafles and of the Shangri La. They both deserved a visit. The "Artsy" look of the Royal Monceau Rafles seems to go one step further on the road the Hyatt of Rue de la Paix took a few years ago. Not opened yet, the spa will be the largest of hotel spas of Paris. The spa will also benefit of a dedicated lift. The Shangri La offers probably the closest vicinity to the Eiffel Tower and it will be very pleasant at Spring or Summer to enjoy a room service in one of the hotel’s many suites or rooms with terrace or balcony facing the river and the Iron Lady.
Table for 6 or more. Some restaurants offer a special table for a small party. It might be set higher, isolated, and/of different colors from the other tables.

Les Fous de l'Ile.  It has  a private room  for 8 guests , with window to the public restaurant . "Subway like" white ceramics decorate the walls. Willing service, reasonable prices.

Mon Vieil Ami.  Slightly more expensive than "Les Fous de l'Ile", this restaurant offers a table for a small group, good and tasty courses but not much privacy. An opportunity to break the ice with the neighbors. But the wrong place to exchange state secrets!!!

Chez Flottes. Recently opened on the second floor of this traditional brasserie, located on Rue Cambon, you will be cozying  like in a private apartment.

La Cuisine. (Raffles/Royal Monceau) offers several possibilities: 1  one large high table  in front of the tempting pastry counter, 2) large tables which might be isolated by shutters.

La Perouse, on the left bank, offers several small rooms on different levels for small groups of different size. The charm  of the past.

Gossip, the arrival of the talented   chef Christophe Moret  and of the  pastry chef   Claire Heitzler at Lasserre.


Mon portrait
Odilon Redon
musée d’Orsay, Paris
© service presse
Rmn-Grand Palais / Hervé Lewandowski
huile sur toile

Serial painter?  Well, Monet made many victims or shall we say admirers with his recent exhibition. More than 900 000 people went  to the Grand Palais to view the exhibition.  Many of them having had to wait up to 2 hours and some times in vain... Monet  is only beaten in attendance by Tutankhamen who, thousands of year after his death, attracted 1,2 million visitors in1967.

In Paris, the exhibition not to be missed this year is the Manet's,opened at Musée d'Orsay since April. The young dandy Manet while receiving classical training in the Thomas Couture painting school, got inspired by Velasquez, Goya and the Japanese prints and was one of the first to imagine what will within a few years become the Impressionism. While craving for official recognition, he cannot stop himself from provoking : the black cat of Olympia, the nude in “le dejeuner sur l’herbe”. Of course, he is meeting with Degas, Monet, Berthe Morisot, Pissaro, Renoir. We know what will happen, their works are now in museums of almost every country. The exhibition at Musée d'Orsay will last till July 3rd. It really deserves your visit.
The Cranach exhibition in the newly renovated Musee du Luxembourg is one of the artistic events of this Spring. Cranach father & son had a very busy workshop: they have signed more than 1000 paintings!

It might seem paradoxical but they were both close friends of Luther and at the same time had for clients the Princes of Saxe and bishops. Charles Quint was their sponsor, so besides of religious quarrels, they could paint erotic scenes with religious or moral themes. When you stare at some of their extraordinary feminine nudes or portraits (like Justice Allegory) you get a strange feeling of ambiguity…
Also since April, but in London, the Tate Gallery is offering a great retrospective of Joan Miro with 150 drawings, sculptures and paintings. A very interesting exhibition of the same artist at the Dina Vierny foundation on Paris left bank is also running till July 31st. And, if you are found of this artist, I suggest a visit at the Maeght Foudation, in Saint Paul de Vence, you will be delighted by his monumental works.
In October, In Paris, we will discover the Stein collection at the Grand Palais. They were among the first rich Americans starting to collect the works of French artists in the early XXth century.
In October, in Vienna at the Belvedere the "Gustave Klimt/Joseph Hofman exhibition" aims to demonstrate how the painter and architect influenced each other’s works.
Gardens.  They have sold nympheas to Monet in 1894. Today, their collection offers more than 250 types of nympheas and the garden deserves your visit and so does the website www.latour-marliac.com.  While in the area, keep some spare time to visit Maryse and Michel Trama in L'Aubergade. (An early booking is recommended for this very friendly Relais and Chateaux). http://relais.com/aubergade
Children : Always something for you at Vaux le Vicomte. Check the website for latest infos.
I wish you will have found some useful informations and I wish you a great journey with us in France.
Pierre-Marc Lambert
President 1st
Paris Major Limousines
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