December 2011

© La Pizzeria di Rebellato
Have a pizza at La Pizzeria di Rebellato, 138 rue de la Pompe, 75016.
Take your children or your sweet love for lunch at the Chalet des Isles, located on a small island in the Bois de Boulogne.  They or she; will adore the boat ride.
Accept challenges ; book a table at Jules Verne in the Eiffel Tower.
Get your old vintage handbag restored at Parsac, rue Marbeuf, they do miracles and prices are low.

© Art deco museum
Do your gift shopping at the Art deco museum, pretty, trendy, original gifts. 107 Rue de Rivoli.
Your pet is your best friend,
Treat your pet like a king! Marie Poirier, offers rain coats, Kachemire or angora sweeters tel 33(0)145 22 22 50.
Get a date with Percy Pig and surprise your British Parisian friends with some specialty from the newly opened Marks and Spencers Champs Elysées shop.
You do not know all the best places to shop for excellent food, try Cheese, meat , vegetables, fish, bread from some of the top list producers and craftsmen will be delivered directly to your home in Paris. Web site is in French, and so what? That's a pleasant challenge, isn't it?
Visit the D’Orsay : After a total  restoration and recent reopening, it is  a "Must see” new museum.
Forget the Visit to Paris Picasso Museum, closed for another year.
If you live or plan to live in Paris, make sure you register your kid(s) at one of the Children "ateliers" at a Museum such as Branly, Pompidou, Orsay. They will improve their French language, discover other aspects of art and maybe make friends.
Help to save a kid with Mecenat Chirurgie Cardiaque
This foundation was founded in 1996 by Francine Leca (a famous pediatric surgeon) and Patrice Roynette (a remarkable headhunter). This association aims to help children with heart problems from developing countries. Today, thanks to the foundation and the many supports it receives, a second chance for a better life has been given to approximatively 1800 boys and girls who were previously suffering heart malformation.
You may give money, Each child’s return to life cost an average of 12000€. Give a hand at many of the events organized by the foundation and maybe become the family where the kid will stay before and after surgery.
Happy 2012
I hope some of this information will be of help and maybe encourage you to book a car and chauffeur to make your life easier. We wish you a happy, healthy and wealthy 2012 and "a bientot" …that means “see you soon”.
Pierre-Marc Lambert
Pierre-Marc Lambert

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