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October 2011
un mariage de reve à paris
Edito limousine
Howdy Paris lover!

It is my  great pleasure to keep in touch with you. I strive to forward you the latest infos to make your stay in Paris the most enjoyable possible.

Paris is known as one of the top cities in the world for gastronomy. Wathever the purpose of the meal you are planning; friendship, romance, business or just getting something to eat;   the choice of the restaurant will show your implication, personality and vast knowledge of Paris to your partner, don't miss these few lines.


Ambroisie, is a superb 3 stars restaurant, located on historic Place des Vosges in le Marais. The chef and owner Bernard Pacaud works personally in the kitchen. Despite Ambroisie being a little ex- centered, it is a superb place to celebrate. Book long in advance or try Saturday lunch.

If your guest(s) are Italian food lover(s)  consider the Stresa. From any palace in Paris, your chauffeur will get you there within minutes. It has been run by the same family for many years. And between the twins and cousins, it is sometimes difficult to know who has been in charge of your table on your prevous visit. If it is the season for the "white gem", don't miss the pasta with truffles. If you go there for the first time, it might be helpful to  call on the recommendation of some one.

The Sormani bistro, is a beautifully designed restaurant 2 blocks away from the Arch of Triumph. Walls are covered with   astonishing  grey leather, chairs and tables are exceptionally comfortable. The small amount of tables guarantees a pretty fast service. If you prefer a gourmet alternative : next door is the 2 stars  Sormani restaurant.


Located on the left bank, one block away from Saint Germain des Près church, you will  find the Ralph Laureen parisian restaurant. Name is easy, it is called Ralph's. A part of it is a very cosy courtyard   surrounded by an elegant 18th century building. If you are a serous meat eater, you will appreciate to know, beef comes from Mr Laureen's ranch in Colorado. Meals (and not only meat) are good and inventive. This restaurant  is  probably  super busy during the fashion weeks... A place to and to be seen.

Always something running at the Louvre, the Pompidou, Orsay, Branly and if nothing appeals, get back to the permanent collections of the 200 and more museums of Paris.

My selection of exhibitions for the Fall season.

The American Stern family enjoyed the last years of the 19th century and the early 20th century in the City of Lights.  They personally met and collected not only the Impressionists but also Picasso, Matisse, Bonnard and many more. A selection of 120 paintings will be visible from October 5th at the Grand Palais. Don't miss it.
Superb architecture, a cosy restaurant for a snack,  great exhibitions,  such as one about  the famous Italian Renaissance painter Fra Angelico, opening September 29th. this is what offers the Jacquemart Andre.
Baselitz, known as one of the greatest living German painters, his monumental sculptures are on display at Musée d'Art Moderne since September 30th.
The famous norvegian painter, Munch, is at the Pompidou, begining now till January. He is much more that his famous painting "The Scream". He was a pioneer of the Expressionist movment, a great colourist. This exhibition will give you the opportunity yo see paintings no only from Oslo and Bergen museums but also some which  are generally jalously kept in private collections. Don't miss it.
Last but not least, Cezanne at the Luxembourg Museum till February 26th. This exhibition will probably help us to understand why Picasso once declared "Cezanne is , to all of us, our master". Really a must, to understand the birth of modern art.
Of course, you need to be here as often as possible, get a doctor, an haidresser, maybe a good book store, and what else? If you read French, do not miss the book by Innes de la Fressange, "La Parisienne" published by Flammarion. It is a gold mine of tricks and suggestions around beauty, fashion, design.
Alternatively, or as a complement, why don’t you meet Anne Kiefer? Through her company "Anne de Paris" specialized in French Luxury Lifestyling and Travel Consultancy, she is designing exclusive or authentic tours of Paris , through the visit of some exclusives ateliers, home deco stores, visit of backstages…

Anne is also an expert of French Etiquette; she will refresh your knowledge about how to become the perfect "Maîtresse de maison", as well as introducing you some casual and formal table decoration, before enjoying a lunch or a cocktail in her cozy apartment….A real charming and authentic Parisian experience.

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