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June 2009
un mariage de reve à paris
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Dear Friend,

Welcome to my latest newsletter. Soon summer will be here, the time to relax, travel and enjoy your hard-earned money. There are so many museums, gardens and exhibitions to choose from, how do you decide? Whether you are a first-time visitor or a serious Francophile, I hope these few lines will help you narrow down the choices.

Easy access to the Cote d'Azur and the Alsace region
Discover our tours of the French Riviera or the friendly Alsace with our suggested wine tours.

The Côte d'azur in limousine

The Côte d'azur in limousine art journey
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In Giverny, thanks to the Orsay Museum.
You can now admire original impressionist paintings at the Museum of Impressionism, just a few blocks away from the Monet Foundation and its unique gardens.
If you are a fan of both Impressionism and architecture, you should consider visiting the recently opened new wing at the Chicago Art Institute. This wing is the latest masterpiece of Renzo Piano, and its collection of impressionist masterpieces is second only to the Orsay. (And, of course, should you need an excellent limousine service in Chicago, we will be happy to help.)
Fillipo Lippi at the Luxembourg Museum
(till August 2nd). See this exhibition on Monday or Friday evening, tickets are available on the web at:
William Blake exhibit at the Petit Palais
(till June 28th)  The permanent collections, with some superb Gauguins, Monets, Courbets, are certainly worth a visit and almost never crowded. While there, be sure to enjoy one of the best Paris museum restaurants!
The Côte d'azur in limousine contryside of inland nice
The Côte d'azur in limousine luxury shopping
The Côte d'azur in limousine luxury tour
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